Dolphy Money Team (DMT) is a limited random generated collection of 8888 NFTs, in which the NFT itself gives access to a closed crypto-business community of TON.

About Us

Dolphy Money Team (DMT) is a limited random generated collection of 8888 NFTs, in which the NFT itself gives access to a closed crypto-business community of TON.

And many bonuses such as passive royalty for all holders, in all projects specified in the Roadmap. Such as: The first clothing and paraphernalia store with TON and DMT symbols, clothing DMT collections, comics, toys, skins for computer games, and etc.

We will do everything for «HODLing». Our collection brings not only high passive profitability in TON, but also pride in ownership and growth of price on the secondary market.

Our Team

All our team adheres to the ideology of Anonymous communication in the crypto space.

Owner of the collection​

Experience in creating many businesses, marketplaces, etc.
Obsessed with TON.

3D Artist

One of the world's best 3D artist.
Experience in drawing 3D models for over 12 years


Has been making websites and market places for over 15 years
Big experience in marketing.

Community Manager

Two young students who left Ukraine believe in the success of the TON blockchain.


Q2 (first half)

Creating a DMT 8888 NFTs

Website launch

Launching Telegram channels, instagram, twitter

Start PR company

Airdrop on 100.000$

Q2 (second half)

Opening of a private investor Presale

Large PR company

Collaboration with famous Youtubers, Bloggers, Singers, Crypto leaders

Creation of a Ton and DMT fashion collection

Collaborations with top TON NFT collections


PreSale 1

Launch website on Arabic and others

Open marketing company for West, East and Afica audience

Collaborations with well-known Youtubers and crypto bloggers

Creation of closed Cryptoclub for Hodlers

PreSale 2


Launch of Fashion marketplace site and telegram market.
All holders will receive a free box with cloth.
And royalty for all sales product manufactured under DMT brand name.


Party for starting our way for the top 30 collection holders (ALL inclusive).
The place is chosen by voting.

Creation of comics with the Dolphin

Using the character for music clips with famous artist

Collaboration with famous clothing brands and collections

Q1 (2023)



Fair random distribution of NFTs

We don’t have rarity tiers and auctions. You can buy only a fixed price, and get the rarest and most beautiful Dolphin at the price of a Pre-sale or Sale absolutely randomly.

Each of our dolphin is a unique 3D model and is generated from 200 different attributes, such as emotions, skin color, headdress, clothes, accessories, tattoos and many others.

The rarest attributes are associated with characters from TV shows, films, similarities with famous artists and performers, and attributes associated with our beloved Telegram and TON.

The rarity of the Dolphin will be determined programmatically by the number and rarity of the dropped attributes. After purchasing your dolphin, it will appear in the rarity table. And in the gallery section of our website, where you can track its rarity and appearance.

The purchase of our Dolphin will take place at a uniformly increasing cost for all participants due to the risks of early investments. For the first two pre-sales there will be bonuses in the form of gift NFTs.

The sale will be made in 4 stages:

1. Private investor Presale 1111 NFT (The most favorable and unique price for investors who believe in our project)

2. Presale 1 – 1111 NFT

3. Presale 2 – 2222 NFT

4. Mint – 3333 NFT

1111 NFT remain on the team’s wallet for Promotions, Airdrops, Collaborations with other collections, Contests, Gifts, Attracting an audience and gifts to team members (10 NFT each)

Royalty of sales will be used for buying floor on marketplace.

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